Course Code: CSE 106.3 • Study year: I • Academic Year: 2024-2025
Domain: Computer Science • Field of study: Computer Science (in English)
Type of course: Elective (1 of 3)
Language of instruction: German
Erasmus Language of instruction: English
Name of lecturer: Valentin Todescu
Seminar tutor: Valentin Todescu
Form of education Full-time
Form of instruction: Class
Number of teaching hours per semester: 28
Number of teaching hours per week: 2
Semester: Autumn
Form of receiving a credit for a course: Grade
Number of ECTS credits allocated 2

Course aims:

It guides the student in building the relevant grammatical structures and comunicative strategies.

Course Entry Requirements:


Course contents:

1. Hello! (Communication: to greet and to say good bye; Grammar: statement and W-interogation; verbs - present form ; Understanding: People from Germany) 2. How are you? (Communication: how are you? Grammar: Numbers from 0 – 200; personal pronoun; Understanding: Numbers and prices) 3. What does that cost? (Communication: speak about prices; Grammar: definite and indefinite article; Understanding: Notification) 4. What time is it? (Communication: time; Grammar: separable Verbs; Understanding: past forms) 5. What do you want to by? (Communication: to understand shopping dialogues; Grammar: Plural of Nouns; Understanding: a recipe) 6. Family life. (Communication: talk about family; Grammar: mein-, dein-, sein-; Preterit forms from “sein” and “haben”; Understanding: Birthdaytradition in Germany 7. Repetition

Teaching methods:

Lecture, conversation, exemplification.

Learning outcomes:

Introducing and talking about oneself Shopping Telling time and recounting a day Family life Cultural and linguistic variants of all three German-speaking countries are featured

Learning outcomes verification and assessment criteria:

Written paper – interpretative essay – 60%; continuous assessment – 40%.

Recommended reading:

Christiane Lemcke; Lutz Rohrmann; Theo Scherling, BERLINER PLATZ 1. DEUTSCH IM ALLTAG, Langenscheidt, Berlin, 2009, 250.