Course Code: ARS 108 • Study year: I • Academic Year: 2024-2025
Domain: Visual arts • Field of study: Sacred art
Type of course: Compulsory
Language of instruction: Romanian
Erasmus Language of instruction: English
Name of lecturer: Cătălin Băluț
Seminar tutor: Cătălin Băluț
Form of education Full-time
Form of instruction: Class / Seminary
Number of teaching hours per semester: 28
Number of teaching hours per week: 2
Semester: Summer
Form of receiving a credit for a course: Grade
Number of ECTS credits allocated 2

Course aims:

Analysis and observation, multiple image composition skills, modeling and diversification of appropriate support
Real and objective analysis of the studied subject, the ability to synthesize the information characteristic of the study object, the competence to innovate and experiment with the plastic language specific to the drawing
Ability to motivate and objectively support the plastic solution chosen for the study, the ability to use the tools specific to the drawing

Course Entry Requirements:


Course contents:

General theme: Artistic drawing

General information regarding the anatonia of the portrait

Study of the elements that make up the portrait (nose, mouth, blue eyes)

Portrait study (by model)

Portrait interpretation (free speech)


Full figure (nude after live model)

The human figure / draping relationship

Modeling light in chiaroscuro

Detail drawing

Rendering a detail from a work contained in the history of art


Interpretation of the whole figure. Religious inspiration concept / artistic inspiration concept

Teaching methods:

lecture, debates, exemples, practical activities

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course students will master the anatomical drawing and what it is
adjacent to him.
The methodology of elaborating the work of art
-specialized techniques and technologies
-elaboration of a visual discourse

Learning outcomes verification and assessment criteria:

oral exam 50%, and implication in seminar practical activities 50%

Recommended reading:

Rex V. Cole, The Artistic Anatomy of Trees, Dover Publications, Garden City, NY, 1965, -.
E. L. Koller, Light, Shade and Shadow, Dover Publications, Garden City, NY, 2008, -.
George B. Bridgman, Constructive Anatomy, Dover Publications, Garden City, NY, 1973, -.