Ways of communication

Course Code: IC3205 • Study year: II • Academic Year: 2024-2025
Domain: Civil Engineering • Field of study: Architecture and town planning
Type of course: Compulsory
Language of instruction: Romanian
Erasmus Language of instruction: English
Name of lecturer: Ioan Ienciu
Seminar tutor: George Emanuel Voicu
Form of education Full-time
Form of instruction: Class
Number of teaching hours per semester: 70
Number of teaching hours per week: 5
Semester: Autumn
Form of receiving a credit for a course: Grade
Number of ECTS credits allocated 5

Course aims:

Knowledge of road-specific elements, their geometric elements, materials, picketing and tracing
Documentation in the field, knowledge of road regulations and others in other fields necessary for the preparation of a complete road project, including evaluation of works and presentation of the project

Course Entry Requirements:


Course contents:

1. Introduction, transport activity, communication routes. 2. Notions regarding the design and application of roads in the field 3. The road in the horizontal plane 4. Longitudinal profile road 5. The road in transversal profile. Road intersections 6. Road infrastructure. 7. Road superstructure 8. Parking lots and platforms 9. Highway 10. Forest roads 11. Railway 12. Works of art 13. Road protection and protection works

Teaching methods:

Instruction is a combination of lectures, conversation and theoretical and practical examples

Learning outcomes:

C2. Making topographical required to develop specific plans and topographic and thematic maps. C3. Closure technical networks - the utility angular measurements, distances, differences in level in the geodetic purposes and to reduce them to the reference surface. C4. Working in multidisciplinary teams to identify, analyze, propose solutions to solve dysfunctions at the national, regional, county and local level in terms of infrastructure.

Learning outcomes verification and assessment criteria:

Colloquy at least 2 test subjects - written examination (60% of the final grade)Test of the lab - practical (40% of the final grade)

Recommended reading:

• Ienciu, I.; Oprea, L.; Voina, I., Căi de comunicații, E-course, Alba-Iulia, 2022, -.
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