Course Code: TO 204 • Study year: II • Academic Year: 2024-2025
Domain: Psychology • Field of study: Occupational Therapy
Type of course: Compulsory
Language of instruction: Romanian
Erasmus Language of instruction: English
Name of lecturer: Cornel-Victor Igna
Seminar tutor: Călina Ana Buțiu
Form of education Full-time
Form of instruction: Class
Number of teaching hours per semester: 56
Number of teaching hours per week: 2
Semester: Autumn
Form of receiving a credit for a course: Grade
Number of ECTS credits allocated 6

Course aims:

Assimilating the basics. Use of specialized language. Ability to interpret clinical information
Understanding specialized assessments.
Developing the competence to take measures according to the clinical data specific to each case

Course Entry Requirements:


Course contents:

1. Health and normality. Definition of concepts. 2. Disontogeneity. 3. Vulnerability. 4. The social support network. 5. Personality disorders. 6. Serious disorders (psychosis). 7. Disorders associated with somatic diseases. 8. Psychological disorders associated with addictions 9. Psychological disorders associated with eating behavior 10. Psychic disorders that occur as a result of experiencing episodes of life marked by violence. 11. Psychiatric disorders associated with old age. 12. Counseling vs. psychotherapy 13. Treatment and management strategies. 14. Ethical and legal aspects.

Teaching methods:

Lecture, Debate, Problematization, Examples and case studies, Learning by discovery

Learning outcomes:


Learning outcomes verification and assessment criteria:

Written paperSeminar evaluation sheet

Recommended reading:

ROBIN S. ROSENBERG AND STEPHEN M. KOSSLYN, Abnormal Psychology -, Worth Publishers, New York, 2011,
Alan Carr, Abnormal psychology -, Taylor and Francis, Philadelphia, 2003,
Henry E. Adams & Patricia Sutker, Comprehensive handbook of psychopathology, Springer-Verlag, New York, 2001,