Course Code: MI208.1 • Study year: II • Academic Year: 2022-2023
Domain: Computer Science - Masters • Field of study: Advanced programming and databases
Type of course: Compulsory
Language of instruction: Romanian
Erasmus Language of instruction: English
Name of lecturer: Elisabeta Mihaela Ciortea
Seminar tutor: Elisabeta Mihaela Ciortea
Form of education Full-time
Form of instruction: Class
Number of teaching hours per semester: 36
Number of teaching hours per week: 3
Semester: Summer
Form of receiving a credit for a course: Grade
Number of ECTS credits allocated 7

Course aims:

• Evaluation stage of development, implementation and use of information technology infrastructure and specific instruments and communication in the framework of the e-tendering for the provision of electronic public procurement, for public institutions and businesses.
• Making recommendations to accelerate the extension of this electronic service.
• Defining and proposing measures for auditing information systems.

Course Entry Requirements:

• Identifying and proposing solutions to ensure protection of information systems in the unit where they work. Ensuring full audit systems they evaluated. Defining concepts of security and protection systems.

Course contents:

Head. 1 The context of development of IT audit internally and internationally. Head. 2 Standards for IT audit Head. 3 IT Risks Concrete analysis I. Information Systems Audit II. Steps audit systems III. Evaluation of financial and accounting information systems. IV. The procedural framework for evaluating systems. V. Checklists, models and questionnaires VI. Legislation Information Society

Teaching methods:

Lecture, conversation, exemplification.

Learning outcomes:

After completing the course the student must possess: - Basic audit systems; - Know all aspects of management information systems; - Properly define and full vulnerability of a system.

Learning outcomes verification and assessment criteria:

Written paper – interpretative essay – 50%; continuous assessment – 50%.

Recommended reading:

Champlain Jack J., - Auditing Information Systems, , Inc., USA, John Wiley & Sons , 2003.
Whittington O. Ray, Kurt Pany, Walter B. Meigs, Robert F. Meigs, - Principles of Auditing, Tenth Edition,, IRWIN B , oston.
Chris Davis, Mike Schiller, Kevin Wheeler, -It Auditing: Using Controls to Protect Information Assets, McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media , 2007 , 387
Chris DavisMike Schiller with Kevin Wheeler, IT Auditing: UsingControls to ProtectInformation Assets, The McGraw-Hill Companies , 2011 , 500