Communication in social and health organizations

Course Code: PMS 108 • Study year: I • Academic Year: 2024-2025
Domain: Social work - Masters • Field of study: Design and management of social and health services
Type of course: Elective (1 of 2)
Language of instruction: English
Erasmus Language of instruction: English
Name of lecturer: Sebastian Claudiu Stefani
Seminar tutor: Sebastian Claudiu Stefani
Form of education Full-time
Form of instruction: Lecture
Number of teaching hours per semester: 42
Number of teaching hours per week: 3
Semester: Summer
Form of receiving a credit for a course: Grade
Number of ECTS credits allocated 7

Course aims:

Awareness and understanding of the complexity of the communication process
Acquiring the skills needed to communicate effectively in professional situations
Understanding the impact that the supportive climate has on communication performance

Course Entry Requirements:


Course contents:

-Communication. Introductory notions
-Communication in organizations. Typology
-Barriers and facilities in organizational communication
-Public relations - theoretical aspects
-The image of the organization
-The role of media institutions in creating the image
-Internal information
-External information
-Methods for transmitting press information
-Relations with society
-Public relations structures
-Public relations campaign
• Definition, content, classification, objectives
• Public relations campaign plan

Teaching methods:

Lecture, conversation, examples

Learning outcomes:

-Defining, classifying and establishing the situations of exposure and resolving the aspects generating conflicts and inadequate communication
-Students will know how to choose the tools to combat communication problems in an organization
-Students will know how to establish, develop and implement communication strategies
-Students will know how to analyze and evaluate the problematic situations generated by inefficient communication
-Students will be able to develop research projects for social and health services

Learning outcomes verification and assessment criteria:

Written exam and project

Recommended reading:

Butiu Calina, Comunicare interpersonală, Aeternitas, Alba Iulia, 2003, 200.
Amado, G.; Guittet, A., Psihologia comunicării în grupuri. Polirom, Polirom, Iași, 2007, 275.
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